Hello, and welcome to the page for the spring Security Studies workshop on learning the R programming language. Every week I will post a tutorial that will give an overview of what we will talk about during the face to face session. The first couple of weeks will be purely introductory, but as time goes on I will post optional problem sets, that if you are so inclined, I will provide feedback for. Additionally, this page serves as an archive of what you have learned over the course of the semester, so that you may go back and review prevoius concepts or find useful code.

Lab 1 (January 28, 2016): Installation, Acclimation, and Basic Introduction

Lab 2 (February 11 , 2016): Introduction Part 2

Lab 3 (February 18, 2016): Importing and Working with Data Frames

Lab 4 (March 24, 2016): Functions, Control Structures, and Programming

Lab 5 (March 24, 2016): Linear Regression 1 in R